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Find a Doctor or Health Care Facility (Directory of Network Providers)

OGB offers four health plans (PPO, Blue Cross HMO, Regional HMO or Medical Home HMO) for all employees and retirees, plus the CDHP-HSA plan for active employees (and rehired retirees who pay premiums via payroll deduction). OGB also offers five Medicare Advantage health plans for retirees (and their dependents, if applicable) who have both Medicare Part A and Part B. Click here for more information.

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      Louisiana Region Map
Louisiana Region Map

Link to OGB Health Plans Provider Directories

OGB Standard Health Plans
(for all active employees and retirees)

PPO Plan (administered by OGB)
225-925-6625 Baton Rouge area
(see above Search PPO Provider Directory)

HMO Plan (administered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of LA)
HMO Provider Directory

Medical Home HMO Plan (insured by Vantage Health Plan)
Medical Home HMO Plan Provider Directory

Regional HMO Plan (insured by Vantage Health Plan)
Regional HMO Plan Provider Directory

CDHP-HSA Plan (administered by UnitedHealthcare)
(for active employees and rehired retirees who pay premiums via payroll deduction)
CDHP-HSA Provider Directory

OGB Medicare Advantage Health Plans
(for retired plan members with both Medicare Part A and Part B)

Humana HMO Plan
HMO Provider Directory

Humana PPO Plan

Peoples Health HMO-POS Plan
1-866-616-8308 (current plan members)
1-866-439-8318 (prospective plan members)
HMO-POS Plan Information

UnitedHealthcare PPO Plan
UnitedHealthcare PPO Plan Directory

Vantage Health Plan HMO-POS Plan
Vantage HMO-POS Provider Search